Why Milliways?

Milliways is a down-to-earth company that creates out-of-this-world snacks. We imagine the unimaginable, explore the unexplored, add colour to shadows, venture into the vast unknown of flavour, function and form, and bring it all to life in a bite-sized piece of happiness.

Our Discovery

Late one evening, our Flavour Engineers were hard at work in the Gumboratory at Milliways HQ. They were trialling and testing, bishing and bashing, chomping and chewing, when suddenly they stumbled upon a life-altering combination of flavour-bursting, plastic-free and plant-based ingredients that would change the course of chewing gum forever. 

Let’s Play

Step inside our simulation. Pull the levers, push the buttons, pop some bubbles and watch the super natural act of Milliways chewing gum being made. Plus you’ll also unlock free shipping on orders above £15 (which you get anyway lol). Basically this is a very real depiction of our production process in the form of an enjoyable game. Have fun!

Meet Plastic Free Gum

Plastic Free Gum is the impossible made real, the out-of-this-world, the super natural star of the show. It’s everything you want from chewing gum and more. Why? Because it tastes like heaven, but belongs on earth and it's made from just eight plastic-free and plant-based ingredients that are better for you and better for the planet.