Most gum is made from chewy plastic. Ours isn't.

Welcome to the Milliways Universe. A plastic free & plant powered adventure awaits you...
let the good times (sc)roll

Welcome to our world

Once upon a time, big gum brands decided to make their chewing gum from plastic. They’re still doing it. When news of this reached the Milliways Universe, we fired up the gumpany car and set off on a mission to make our very own plastic free, plant powered and planet friendly gum.


Back to our roots with 8 plant-based ingredients


Zero plastic from our gum to our packaging

With Xylitol

Keeps teeth healthy, prevents tooth decay, fun to say


None of the sugar, all of
the flavour


Breaks down over time just as nature intended


No nasties or long lists of unnatural ingredients

What's your

Don't just take our word for it